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We are pleased to announce the launch of Residential Deductible Coverage (RDC) through Reliance Risk Solutions Inc.

RDC is a stand-alone insurance policy which reimburses a policy holder the deductible portion of an insurance policy in the event of a claim covered by the primary property insurer,

RDC is underwritten by the Sovereign General Insurance Company(Sovereign).

An Insurance Deductible referrers to the amount of money a policy owner pay before the insurer will cover any claim.

Why settle for partial coverage?
Get complete coverage for your claim.
Your deductible can represent a significant portion of your claim. With Reliance deductible Coverage, 100% of your loss is covered.

Reduce your insurance costs.
Most property insurers will offer significant discount for increasing your deductible.
Compare the discount with the RDC premium.

Call Bridges International Insurance Services (BC) for details.
1-888-267-4461 or email: