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Many restaurants’ CGL policies do not extend to off-premises catering. Make sure Christmas / Holiday and New Years Caterers are properly covered for their off-premises catering exposure.
Caterer liability is designed for individual caterers, restaurants (off-premises catering) or catering companies, whether catering a small reception or a large-scale event. Caterer Liability Policy will respond to defend a caterer in a court of law if a lawsuit is brought against them for injuries such as: 

  • A caterer’s food causes event guests to get sick
  • A caterer’s equipment causes someone to trip and become injured
  • A caterer’s hot dish scalds an event guest

Available for Single Events or Annual Terms 

– Limits of liability from $1,000,000 to $5,000,000 with $1,000 deductible
(some exceptions may apply)

 Liquor Extensions available if also serving alcohol

Coverage Included:
– CGL including Third Party Property Damage / Bodily Injury – medical payment ($2,500 pp / $25,000 max)
– Non-owned Auto
– Food and Beverage Product Coverage
– Cross Liability
– Employees / Volunteers as Additional Insured 
– Tenants Legal Liability ($500,000+)

Coverage to be offered for the caterer only. Policy does not extend to the event host, therefore insured should advise that the host should obtain their own event liability insurance.

  • Coverage for Christmas Tree Lots and Christmas / Holiday Parties
  • Curling programs: Liability for Curling Bonspiels and coverage for Draw to the Button Contests. 
  • Lower rates for small-scale special events that do not include alcohol
  • Third party liability coverage for hard to placehigher risk events with larger exposures (certain conditions and restrictions apply)
  • E & O Extension for event planners provides annual coverage to event planners who are hired by event hosts.
  • Server insurance now available for one-off events
  • Annual policies now available for clubs / associations, etc.
  • Blanket Venue Policies for third-party events
  • Blanket Exhibitor Policies for all vendors / exhibitors at one event
  • In-house $10 million limits also now available, some restrictions apply

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