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Seven Ways to Offer the Best Deal on Travel Insurance (Can-Am)

Everyone loves getting the best price on their hotel, car rental and airfare when they take a trip. But what about travel insurance? Here are seven easy ways we can help our clients save money on Manulife Travel Insurance when they are preparing for a trip – they’ll love having more left in their pocket to enjoy at their destination!

Save 50% with Travel Canada Savings
Heading to St. John’s or Saskatoon? Any Single-Trip Emergency Medical plan is half the standard out-of-country rate when all the travel is within Canada.

Save 5% with Travel Companion Savings for Any Emergency Medical Plan
Now that’s a good reason not to travel alone.

Family Coverage for Any Emergency Medical Plan
No matter how many dependent kids under the age of 21 (26 if they are full-time students) are travelling with our client, the premium cost for the entire family will equal just twice the premium of the oldest traveller under the age of 55. Isn’t it better to spend those dollars saved on building cherished family memories?

Savings Combinations, Too!
If our client is going on a great Canadian adventure with a friend, combine the Travel Companion Savings with the Travel Canada rates for even bigger savings. You can combine Family Coverage savings with Travel Canada savings, too!

Deductible Savings Options
As with car insurance, you can increase the deductible on single-trip and multi-trip emergency medical coverage for trips outside of Canada – the higher the deductible, the greater the savings. All Manulife Out-of-Province Travel Insurance plans include a $0 deductible – with all eligible expenses paid from dollar one. Can our client afford to pay $500 out of pocket? It would save them 15%. A $1,000 deductible? That’s a 20% savings.

Travel Often?
Offering economical Multi-Trip Coverage can save our client time and money, plus provide the convenience, value and flexibility that comes with knowing any trip they plan over the year is already taken care of. And a Multi-Trip Plan allows unlimited travel within Canada to other provinces or territories!

And don’t forget Top-Up!
Our client may already have coverage under their group insurance plan or their credit card. Find out how long they are covered, and use the Top-Up option to extend coverage for as long as they need it – with no money wasted on ‘double coverage.’¹

¹ It is the client’s responsibility to confirm that a Top-Up is permitted on the existing plan with no loss of coverage.

Conditions, Exclusions and Limitations may apply.

Quoted by the website of The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company (Manulife Financial).