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As we know, spring break is almost here and thousands of families will either be going to travel in inner part of British Columbia or heading south to the States for travel. Lots of visitors may also be planning to come to enjoy the beautiful sunshine in Canada. 
According to the latest travel report from TD Bank, over half of all British Columbians say they never buy travel insurance.
It came to us that most people might not realize MSP benefits are limited outside BC, and in fact one night in an American hospital could cost up to $10,000.
Basic travel medial insurance usually includes things like hospital accommodations, physicians bills, diagnostic tests, lab cost, prescriptions, and private duty nurses would be included. However, when buying insurance make sure you disclose any pre-existing conditions, and read all the fine details in the coverage summary, or otherwise your claims might be questioned or get rejected by some insurance companies.
There are some useful tips which can help to reduce risks when you are travelling within or outside Canada.
1.       Make sure you have enough travel insurance – Dealing with a bad bout of food poisoning, a broken leg, or a deep cut is tough enough to deal with at home, but it becomes even more complicated in a different country. The average out-of-country in-hospital bill can cost up to $10,000 per day, but most provinces will pay less than 10 per cent of that.  Look for a policy that provides a minimum of $1 million of emergency medical coverage, offers 24/7 assistance and covers emergency transportation.
2.       Don’t assume your insurance covers everything – Ensure you understand what you’re covered for, especially when it comes to pre-existing conditions and limitations. If you’ve had a visit to the hospital or switched medications in the past six months, be sure to check in with your insurance provider. For more adventurous activities like hang-gliding or parasailing, you may also need supplementary. Don’t forget to check government travel advisories too before you take off, because serious warnings may void your policy.
3.      Keep updated with travellers news and be careful with fraud while travelling – Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean fraudsters are. Stumbling upon free internet may seem like a stroke of luck but be wary. Over one-third of British Columbians (38 per cent) admit they have performed online financial transactions or sent e-mails with sensitive information over public Wi-Fi or on public computers while travelling. This can leave you at risk to identity theft. Be vigilant by only using secure networks. For extra protection, consider identity theft insurance, which covers financial losses and provides an expert to work on your behalf to restore your reputation if you fall victim.

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