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Welcome to Canada! Have you purchased Travel Insurance? If not yet, please re-consider. Health Care Expenses are high in Canada.

The following are the real stories of visitors who had medical emergencies in Canada.  

Case A

Stravros, a 29-year-old from Greece came to Canada to visit friends in British Columbia. A food allergy caused a visit to the emergency room and an overnight stay in the hospital.
>Medical costs: $4,300 >Travel Insurance cost:$238.50

Case B

Carla, a 63-year old from Spain was visiting her grandchildren in Ontario for a year on a Super Visa when she suddenly felt pain in her chest. After being admitted to the nearest hospital, she was diagnosed with a heart attack.
>Medical costs: $37,000  >Travel Insurance cost:2,273.95

Case C

Tow days after arriving in Nova Scotia, Hani, a 63-year-old from Indonesia was admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with a urinary tract infection.
>Medical costs:$1,200  >Travel Insurance cost:$373.80

By courtesy of our partner TIC, Travel Insurance Coordinators

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