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Spring is here and snowbirds are making their way back to Canada. While most of them will return home with happy memories, some will return to medical bills and claims paperwork, due to mishaps or ailments while away.

In order to have a smooth and expedient claims experience, we should:
  • Contact insurance company as soon as possible to open their claim
  • Send all documents right away – almost half of all claims forms are not returned within the first 30 days
  • Double-check all forms are signed where indicated
  • Ensure all bills are original and itemized, including original pharmacy prescription receipts (store or credit card receipts are not sufficient)
  • Contact their doctor immediately regarding medical reports, as this is often one of the most common reasons for delay
If you have any questions or need help filling out claim forms, contact travel insurance companies immediately for help. Once the paperwork is received, the claims process can begin. Other delays are caused by third parties including doctors, hospitals, and airline companies, so the sooner you can provide all necessary documentation, the better.

Hopefully, we could have a safe trip, without incident. But if we do need to submit a claim, make sure to get it well-prepared. If we are going to purchase travel insurance next year, it is good to also provide with claims information. Don’t hesitate to contact us, Bridges International Insurance Service, who can answer any questions you may have.

For more information on insurance, visit us at www.biis.ca or call 1-888-267-4461. Our staff would be pleased to answer all your inquiries.

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