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Many Canadians shop in the US. Who can resist a good deal? Some of us go back and forth over the border without even thinking about it. But accidents can happen, even on the shortest of trips or while doing the ‘safest’ activities like shopping. Here are a few real-life experiences that illustrate how common injuries can be, while shopping in the US from Canada.

“Minor” slips or trips

While shopping in the States, Tara slipped on spilled nail polish and sustained minor injuries. The store did not accept responsibility on the basis that the spill was caused by another customer.
canadians shopping in the us
A second traveller, Dominic, tripped over a fixture at the same retail store and ended up with a fracture. When I think of the Black Friday chaos I’ve seen in some stores, this kind of accident is more common than people realize!
If you get injured in a store, it could be costly and complicated. Third party liability makes for some ‘sticky situations’—it’s really on a case by case basis. Travel insurance may not cover the claim if a retailer is liable, but it could still help pay out-of-pocket costs up front.

Health conditions can surface out of the nowhere

63-year-old June was shopping in an outlet mall when her leg suddenly gave way beneath her, resulting in a fracture. The fracture was found to be “pathological,” meaning it was due to an underlying condition. Further examination and testing determined June had a malignant tumour in her left shoulder; unfortunately, the cancer had already spread throughout her body.
Getting injured in the States is costly! You probably know by now that the US has some of the highest costs for medical treatments. In fact, a hip fracture could cost up to $85,000! It’s smart to have travel insurance whenever you go across the border, even if it’s just a short trip, or a quick shopping visit. Your provincial healthcare only covers a small portion—hence the need for emergency hospital medical coverage.

And here’s a tip: if you travel frequently to the US, consider Multi Trip Annual travel insurance. It’s more economical to purchase one Multi Trip Annual policy for an entire year, versus buying multiple Single Trip policies. For example, purchase a policy with a 10-day trip length on an annual plan, and have unlimited trips of up to 10 days at a time for the year! Just ask your local insurance broker for details.

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